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  • China’s Hengqin Ocean Kingdom is the largest underwater viewing aquarium tank in the world, with a total freshwater volume of 48.75 million litres. It houses more than 33,000 living animals, including 400 sharks and rays combined.
  • When a male and female angler fish mate, they melt into each other, losing both internal organs, as well as sharing the same bloodstream.
  • The pupils dilate when you are looking at someone you love?
  • A hug that lasts for 20 seconds releases a hormone called oxytocin into the body, which can make someone trust you more?
  • The Netherlands is closing most of its prisons due to lack of inmates in the country?
  • A fruit salad tree bears up to seven different fruits on one tree?
  • Hearing your name being called when no one actually called, is a likely sign of a healthy mind?
  • Korowai, a tribe in New Guinea, is the only isolated group of people in the world that resides in tree houses as high as 100 feet above the sea level?


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